Are you looking to make some changes to your garden but not sure if the full design service is for you? Maybe you want some advice on the right plants for your dry, sunny garden, or the best paving materials for your shaded patio. Perhaps you have lots of ideas but need a professional opinion on which would work best in your space and how to implement them.

A consultation package will consist of a meeting in your garden, followed by a written report. The meeting length and content will be dependent on the size of your garden and requirements, but can include the following: 

  • Discussion of your style and planting likes and dislikes.
  • Looking at how you wish to use the space, and any layout ideas.
  • Discussion of maintenance requirements.
  • Identifying any problem areas in the garden; e.g. very damp, dry, or shady areas.
  • Identifying any areas to be concealed or revealed.
  • Basic measurements of the garden
  • Collection of soil sample(s) for testing after the meeting

The report will vary depending your requirements, but can include the following:

  • Soil ph and structure.
  • Suggestions on soil improvement.
  • A list and images of recommended plants suitable for the site.
  • Suggestion of border(s) size and shape
  • Suggestions for hard landscaping, or other required products.

Consultation fee from £250.00



Not everyone can get a full redesign but every garden can be improved with some creative planting. Maybe your existing beds are looking a bit tired and need a little more colour and interest throughout the year. Perhaps you want to create a new border to liven up a shady area. Whether you prefer a formal or naturalistic look, minimalism or a riot of colour, I can tailor the planting to suit your time, tastes, and budget. Please contact me for more information.

Seasonal Pot Displays

I believe that every garden should have room for container planting. It is a fantastic way to ring the seasonal changes and, as they can be easily moved, an instant uplift for a forgotten area. If you have a lot of hard landscaping which you are unable to remove, pot plants can transform your space and divert the eye away from the cracked paving or cement. Whether it is a hanging basket spilling over with traditional summer bedding, a bulb lasagne to provide months of spring colour, or a sleek and modern combination of subtle white flowers and green foliage, I can create a stunning display. Prices will be dependent on the size of container and plants used, or maybe you have a favourite container you would like me to use. Please contact me for more information. 


I can provide regular general maintenance within Colchester and the surrounding area. For seasonal maintenance and the planting of new beds and borders I can travel further. If I have designed your garden, I would recommend a follow-up visit at six months and a year. This enables me to observe how the garden is maturing in different seasons and for us to discuss any changes or additions that may be required. Please contact me for more information.

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