Ridgeons Landscaping Display, Sudbury

The brief was to design a stunning new landscaping display at Ridgeons in Sudbury to showcase the very best of Marshalls and Stonemarket products. My idea was to give it a sleek, modern look by incorporating self-contained pocket gardens. Using artificial grass, aggregates and planting areas alongside the various paving elements really enables the customer to visualise how the stone and porcelain products could look in their gardens. Vertical elements add a touch of drama to the display and provide an opportunity to present the stunning walling and cladding range. The previous display had many difficult levels so very important for me when designing was to include wide pathways and ramps to make the area accessible to all. In its first month after completion, sales in both Marshalls and Stonemarket products saw an increase of 25%.

“Looks great, very inviting to get other customers in”                   “Spectacular looking display”
Dog-friendly Holiday Cottages, Cambridgeshire

The clients run a dog training centre and dog-friendly holiday cottage near Ely. The foundations were in place for two further cottages and the brief was to design the landscape around the cottages. Many things had to be taken into consideration and there were three possible ways in which the cottages, surrounding field, and paddock would be used. As some of the canine guests can be nervous, it was very important that there was ample space between the private gardens of the cottages and that no pathways came too close to the cottage boundaries. It was also essential that pathways were secure, so that the dogs could be let off lead. One of the cottages had to be accessible so a parking space close to this cottage had to be provided and the surface had to be suitable for a wheelchair or mobility vehicle. The cottages and fences were black to resemble traditional farm buildings so planting beds of grasses and soft perennials were created to help them blend into the surrounding landscape. The rest of the area included a combination of trees and large planting beds to be viewed from various angles and bring year round colour and interest to the site. The soil is alkaline clay and no plants that could be potentially toxic to dogs could be used so that was an interesting challenge. The first stage was to present three Concept Plans to the clients to help them visualise the space and decide on the best use of the space before we moved on to the final plans and planting plans. The result is a space where even the most nervous or reactive dogs would feel safe with no parallel fences, wide spaces, and individual routes to and from the 8 acre field. Planting between the cottages will reduce sounds transferring between the gardens. The cottages and landscaping should be completed this year.

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